The Art of Craft

Craft can be defined as ‘an activity involving the skill of making things by hand.’ Grenada and the skilful people of its soil have further defined the meaning of craft. There are people who not only make a living off craft but do so by using natural resources such as sea shells, corals, wood etc. Observing such a person as they create, you can see the dedication and focus that is put into their work, almost like they are in a world of their own. Just try getting the attention of a craftsman as he/she works on their piece of art, it‘s not an easy thing to do they may respond to you without even look away from what they’re doing. This passion is often captured and can be seen in the completed products themselves. The history of craft dates as far back as the beginning of civilization and today though much has changed in terms of the tools used to carve and to some extent the raw material itself. The attention to detail and expression hasn’t change.

There can’t possibly be any losses or regrets in purchasing craft with knowledge of what its production entails. The chiseling, the drilling, the intense concentration and time consumption all increases the value of these items. Products are crafted in the image and form of many things, from masks or ornaments with ancient designs to animals and small house hold items. Jewellery is one of the many products crafted and is fashioned from many different resources such as the ‘tigers eye’ beads for example, which is a natural bead that grows on a particular shrub. Now if this isn’t creativity and craft at its finest then what is? In the case of seas shells and corals can you picture the careful process that each craftsman goes through to get exactly what they’re looking for in the finished product? It is also quite obvious that such skill isn’t simply learned but a gift and raw talent in it’s own right. Such is the art of craft.

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